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Hi all,

more or less for curiosity: already on the 7th continent, but now again in the 7th citadel, I was wondering why the rules explicitly state to leave the past as is upon saving and not to return the cards before resuming.

I never understood why to make space in the boxes for the big "past" pile, I always found it easier to return the cards upon saving.

I cannot imagine which, but does this make any difference? I assume not, but why is it stressed like that in the rule?

Thanks for your comments!

You're right : there's no difference between returning the Past when you save or when you load your game.

Maybe the authors prefer to explain a very fast save functionality (marketing reason) ?
Maybe it' the way they prefer to play at home after an loooong session of adventure : spleeping 15 minutes sooner ? ;-)
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Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Rules and Operating Points2 posts