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Greetings everybody.

Yesterday we played the introduction scenario an it was a blast. I did not play 7th citadel but I'm totally in love now with 7th citadel. However, we finished with a couple of questions I wanted to ask for clarification.
  • There were some rooms such as
    the collapsed interrogatory room
    a force +X when walking
    and we were not sure if it is applied when leaving or entering the room.

  • In a similar way when exploring we got card 036 (A0411)
    the one with the purple fruits
    and that card allowed us to
    use fists to recover blue cards
    . However there was not an associated action to that. Can you
    use that benefit in every action that is taken in that room?

Finally we had a couple of questions regarding the end of the scenario.

Is there any way to obtain card
during the scenario? Instead we got
and I'd like to know if we will be able to use it in the future.
Regarding the destinies in the citadel leaflet. Is there any benefit in the perk of removing blue cards from your deck? We supposed it was some sort of penalty to getting access to some regions.
Following as I would like the answer on card 439 & 48 - couldn’t work out what I was meant to do to get 439!
First question - the symbol is on the terrain card, so applies to actions taken when your figure is on that card. i.e. it will apply when you are on that card and make a move action to go to another card. Only when the move action is complete do you arrive on the card you have moved to.

Second question - I had this question too, but found the anwer on page 17 of the rulebook. An effect/action on a permanent event card is available to characters on the terrain card it is linked to. So, if you are on the terrain card and do ANY action, you could also apply that effect. Note that you need to have an action to apply it to (which could include moving off the terrain card, exploring an adjacent explore card, playing a card from your hand, etc.) you can't just do the effect on its own.
Despite taking two attempts to complete the introduction I didn't encounter that card, so I am assuming there is an interaction I didn't make, a random event I did not encounter, or perhaps something gets added to the scenario by completing one of the threats.
Destinies - as you continue to add new cards to your deck you will probably want to remove weaker cards, especially half-star ones. Also, since the cards you gain are semi-random, you might somtimes have to take a card you don't really want in your deck. More cards is not necessarily better.
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Rules and Operating Points4 posts