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Rules as written a skill card can't be played on an action until step 3-C.
Source rule book page 12 and 13.

1) Gear Up.
Ambush happens now, so the player ignores this Gear Up step.

2) Draw

3) Result ( Step C ).
Players can play cards from hand.

I asked this on another card, Sneak Attack, but that card was a misprint. Does this mean the card Vigilance A0029 is a misprint too in that it ambush is not supposed to be there?
We've stopped playing because a situation has just appeared where we a forced into a fight with a creature that has Ambush and the active player has Vigilance in their hand.
Cards in hand are played at the moment their effect applies, at any step in the action resolution sequence. For example, cards that reduce the draw are resolved at step 2 (Draw), or shields at step 4 (Consequence).

Regarding this Vigilance card, it can therefore be played before the Gear Up step to ignore the Ambush effect. Its shield effect may then apply at step 4 (Consequence).
Thank you very much. This clears up so much.
May have been a good idea to show an action flow of as many timings as possible. The rulebook does little in the way to make it clear cards in hand can be played at any time, outside and within steps. As pages 12 and 13 don't state cards in hand may be played during this process, and the same can be found in the rules summary on page 3.
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Rules and Operating Points3 posts