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Hello all,

when first time reading the rule book, I was very excited about the concept of Class Icons - together with the "chain" symbol, they would give the perfect opportunity to the players to specialize on different topics.

But when playing (current state: "Introduction", "Smoke" and "Get Fed" finished), so far this "chain symbol" together with the overall uselessity of Class Icons turns out to be veeeeeery frustrating.

Currently we can use the Class Icons only in very very rare and special cases, mostly in specialized actions (like casting a bubble) and not to support ongoing gameplay's actions. Even worse, most of them immediately must be discarded after usage. For this rare usage, in my opinion there are by far too many Icons on the cards - I'm afraid we are doing something wrong?

Currently, all of us four are extremely similar in capabilities. When reading the rules, I thought we would train different things, for example the one is very strong, the other can handle weapons and so on.

Will there be more use of Class Icons in later scenarios, are we making improper use of them - or are they really that unimportant?


Hello Marcus,
Welcome here ! -)

The more you will spend "Hope" for some Advanced skills, the more you will have deck_action_card cards that generates bonus with Class icons.
And of course, the more you find card_type_purse Items, the more you will have this type of effect.

There's a moment (mid-Theart ?) when you should be happy to draw Class icons to activate all your stuff. ;-)
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Hi Firebird,

thank you for your reply! Then I'm afraid we've probably done everything right after all. That's not very promising, since we do not really like the situation that it makes nearly no difference which of the characters takes an action (as with every cooperative game: If you have a very authoritarian person at the table, you really need the characters to have very different skills so that there's enough personal responsibility for each of them).

So I'll promise my fellow players that things will get better from the middle of the threat and hope that they don't lose their interest -)

I just re-read the rules and found out that we handled the "Hope reborn" cards the wrong way (we misunderstood the term "return the blocked ones" as "return them to the journal", which is obviously fatally wrong since the meaning of "return" is very well defined). If we would have done it correctly, we would own _even less_ Advanced Action Cards.

Hi Marcus,

My play group had the same frustration initially, but it has gotten a bit better over time as we level our characters up, as others have said. There is one subtle rules thing we were doing wrong, and I wanted to mention it in case you've made the same mistake we did. The chain symbol limits the number of cards you can consider stars from, but does not limit the class symbols you can take into consideration - you get them all. So if you're trying to use a class-symbol-specific card for a chain action, overdrawing cards is better than you might think.
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