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I'm wondering if I've been playing "wrong" this whole time. There are situations where consequence white/black block tells you to take a card or read a bit of text from the book. This is 4-a, so at that point you haven't finished the entire consequence phase, and are technically still in the current action resolution. This means you may not have rolled a die to see if armor or weapon broke, this means that you may still have an expanded action hand because you haven't finished which would trigger needing to discard back down to your hand limit, this means you haven't actually discarded your revealed action cards either, among some other things.

So now you take the card or read the booklet, and then you see a mandatory action. So the simple question is, is this new action nested inside the previous 4-a, or are you supposed to conclude 4-b of the previous action, then move to the next mandatory action? I think it is the [edit] latter, but I can't see where this is stated in the rule book. Reading in a literal sense, it almost leads you to believe you do everything on the new card, then come back to 4-b of the first. But that runs afoul of the other rule that says you can't take an action if you are in the middle of an action. Using a more specific example, if the card drawn as a consequence is a temporary event card, the rules state you must immediately resolve it. So the question then becomes, can you keep your expanded action hand, not roll for breaking a weapon, and also choose to pick out of discards from the first action since it has not concluded to 4-b yet? Then once you do the action on the temporary event card, now you come back and finish 4-b? The exact sequence has lots of impacts, such as if you are using focus on the second action, the revealed cards from the first haven't been discarded, so they aren't available to be selected by focus.

I'd never even thought about this until a specific situation caused me to dig deeper.
The consequence is the last part of the action and should be done after all of the other things including rolling a die for each selected item
I think "nested" actions are not allowed, you cannot start a new action until the previous is finished. Reading a paragraph is not an action per se, but personally I would finish the current action and read the paragraph after to not mix up things.
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The rule which prohibits 2 simultaneous Actions is the most important.

Example (too complicated compared to the game -P ):
An action X results in: card_pickCard-A card_pickcard-B hand_blue_add1
  • I read card A: it's a temporary event with just text. I apply this text which asks me to read paragraph dialogue###.
  • I read paragraph dialogue###: it is a mandatory action. I keep the dialogue book aside. This action_mandatoryY action will be the next one to resolve.
  • I read card B: it is a temporary event with a mandatory action. I keep the card aside. This action_mandatoryZ action will be the next one to resolve after the Y action.
  • I apply the end of the steps of action X (hand_blue_add etc)
  • My action X is completed. I begin action Y. Then Z.
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